Join A Wholesome Community of Giving

Join A Wholesome Community of Giving

Join A Wholesome Community of Giving

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Please be advised that by joining this group, you are subject to the terms listed within our Acceptable Use Policy. By joining, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and are joining with the intent of sharing a product or service with the group.

Joining this group does NOT give you permission to promote yourself with advertisements or spam. Instead, by creating an account, you are giving yourself the ability to connect with other South Dakota business owners who wish to share and exchange services in a friendly and safe environment.

By Joining You Get Access To

  • Access to the SD Exchange Business Directory

    We allow users in our network to see each other's accounts and profiles to contact each other and request service exchanges. Search from a directory of exclusively South Dakota businesses to find someone with exactly the skills you need.

  • Healthy Backlinks For Your Website

    By listing your information here in our directory, you are giving the search engines the ability to find another professional listing for you online, thus improving your SEO rankings and backlink quantity for your website.

  • A Space to Post Knowledge and Articles About Your Field

    Establish yourself as an expert in your field by teaching others what you know. From financial planning to gardening tips, to cleaning out your computer or changing a tire. Here you can post guides, knowledge, and articles related to what you do to help others succeed.

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